Eoin Cosgrove

Eoin Cosgrove

Director of Quality Information Systems

Eoin is responsible for the implementation of Quality Management Information Systems in healthcare organisations. He oversees the full development and implementation process, which includes facilitating process mapping and re-engineering sessions with senior management, restructuring quality processes, developing customised electronic solutions, educating and training staff of all levels, supporting the rollout of redeveloped systems and ongoing follow up and evaluation. As Director of Quality Information Systems, Eoin is also responsible for the delivery of HCI’s outsourced quality and safety support service. Eoin manages a team consisting of Information System Specialists, Support Staff and a team of Developers.

Eoin was previously Quality Information Systems Specialist with HCI where his duties included working closely with clients in areas such as process mapping, end user training, system customisation and customer support.

Eoin holds a Masters in Information Systems Management and a Bachelor of Commerce from National University of Ireland Galway.

He has previously worked in the Public and Private sectors and has experience in Information Technology, Customer Support and Relations, and Business Development.

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