Máire Brookfield

Máire Brookfield, B.SC (HONS) INFO.SYS.MGMT

Director of Project Management

As Director of Project Management, Máire is responsible for consolidation and improvement of the existing business model in the delivery of HCI’s services and products and support of HCI expansion through planning, preparedness and implementation of structures, services and products.

In relation to project governance, Máire leads the design and implementation of a common project management methodology, standards and tools to drive and facilitate the successful delivery of projects.  She leads the execution of a project governance, reporting and review framework to provide a holistic view of all organisational project activity.  She supports the interdependencies and coordination across projects to ensure that information relating to project deliverables, risks and issues are effectively communicated between stakeholders and that key performance indicators are monitored and evaluated.

Máire’s role also encompasses the oversight of specific development projects to support the introduction of new services, products and markets, including the expansion of HCI’s services internationally.

Máire is a member of HCI Management Team, involved in all organisational planning, including strategic development, operational objective setting, monthly monitoring of financial targets and operational issues affecting all areas of the business.

In her previous role as Director of Quality Information Systems, Máire was responsible for the implementation of Quality Management Information Systems in healthcare organisations. She oversaw the full development and implementation process, which includes facilitating process mapping and reengineering sessions with senior management, restructuring quality processes, developing customised electronic solutions, educating and training staff of all levels, supporting the rollout of redeveloped systems and ongoing follow up and evaluation. Máire was also responsible for the delivery of HCI’s outsourced quality and safety support service.

Máire was previously the Operations Manager in HCI’s Australian branch, where she was responsible for direct delivery and co-ordination of all HCI projects in Australia.

Prior to joining HCI, Máire held posts in the private sector, higher education and the community and voluntary sector. She has a solid background in projects and corporate and operational management, and has extensive experience in the implementation of quality management systems and the use of electronic systems to improve efficiency. Maire has held several board positions in Community and Voluntary Sector Management Committees.

Máire holds an honours Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Management and a Masters in Business Administration from NUIG, specialising in strategic management and operational excellence in the services sector.