Objectives and Overview of HCI’s Risk Management Training

Risk Management Training
Date: 14th March 2019
Time: 8.45 – 16.30
Location: Clayton Hotel Leopardstown

HCI’s Risk Management Training will give attendees the tools to identify, assess and minimise risks in their organisations. It will help your organisation to respect individual’s wishes and rights while also incorporating the appropriate safeguards.

Who should attend?

This session is suitable for management and staff from appropriate disciplines in Nursing Homes and Disability Services.

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Overview and Objectives of the Risk Management Training Day

Risk Management Training: Part 1

This session will be looking at the rationale and importance for all residential designated centres to be fully confident and competent in the management of risks associated with hazards. You will gain an understanding of the principles of risk management, the legislation and the standards required to be complied with. The session then focuses on the trends related to HIQA Outcomes especially around the non-conformance’s. This session will consist of a presentation followed by a Question and Answer Session.

Risk Management Training: Part 2

Following on from the first presentation, the aims here will be to provide an understanding of the concept of using a framework to deliver a risk management program within your organisation. Tools on how to identify the risk associated with providing a service from corporate risk to service provision risk including health, safety and welfare risks. The session aims to ensure all attendees gain an insight into the assessment methods to identify risks within their own individual working environments from chemical hazards to waste management and utilities.  It will consist of a presentation and also take a detailed look at Service and Care Provision risks which will be the focus of the group work session.

The session will then outline the treatment of risk once it has been assessed, how to monitor and any considerations to have in regard to the control of risks. The learning to this point will then be challenged as we move to looking at Individual risk management associated with goal achieving, improving quality of life and empowering persons within our services, allowing risk to happen, something which is new and exciting in the field of long term care.

Registers for Risk Management

This session will be interactive and require participation of the group to look at the process of developing a risk register, how can risk be assessed, what controls will already exist in organisations and what extra controls should be considered. It is a chance for the group to share ideas, suggestions, methods that have been effective in some organisations and also methods that have not worked in the residential sector. The expertise from the group will look at the policies required for a risk management program and how they are the foundations to the registers.

Developing a Risk Register

This session will be where the knowledge, skills and expertise from the group will be shared. A practice session using scenarios of service and care provided will be utilised to form a risk register relevant to a residential care setting.

Risk Management Training: Part 3

Following on from the newly learnt skills and information in regard to managing risk, this session is where we turn risk management upside down to look at how we can allow risks to be taken, to encourage risk taking in so far as reasonably possible to improvements in the quality of life of residents/service users, enabling changes to practices, achieving goals, empowering people and promoting rights.

The risk registers are broken down into three sections and will be discussed separately:

Section 1: A Corporate Risk Management Register that assists the Management Team in identifying and prioritising the inherent risks associated with the provision of services from an organisational perspective.

Section 2: A Service and Care Provision Risk Management Register that identifies, assesses and manages general risks associated with providing the current services to residents via effective controls to reduce that risk.

Section 3: The Health and Safety Management Risk Management Register that details the health and safety risks for the facility and management activities to reduce the risk.

There will be a presentation looking at case studies and the register required for each resident within our services.

Summary and Close

Summary of the day and group discussion. All sessions will have handouts which are presented in a folder and all attendees will receive a training certificate at the end of the day.

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Cost is €295 +VAT.

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