Child & Family Services

Child and Family Services

HCI works with Child and Family Services to ensure the services they provide met the applicable legislation and regulation and to provide service users with the best care possible.


HCI provide quality and safety management system development, implementation and support to Child and Family Services.  Our aim is to improve the service delivered to service users and to ensure that it is a safe service.  All quality systems and developed in line with regulatory requirements.

HCI Services for Child and Family Services include:

  • Quality and Risk Audits

  • Q-Pulse

  • Research and Development

  • Incident and Complaint Management

  • Regulation and Accreditation




Child and Family Services need to be able to demonstrate that they are providing high quality care to their service users.  Development and Implementation of a Quality and Safety Management System in line with regulatory standards for Child Protection, Foster Care, Residential Care, Special Care and Children's Detention and provide a framework for demonstrating good care.

CHild and Family Services

HCI can provide Child and Family Services with evidence based Quality Management Systems enabling organisations to provide service users with a high quality service and care that is based around the service user.

If your organisation would like to improve the care you provide to your service users, please contact us today to talk to one of our Quality and Safety Specialists.