Mental Health

HCI works with Mental Health Organisations to ensure they provide a service that is of the highest quality and is centered around the needs of their patients.


HCI provide Quality Management System development, implementation and support to Mental Health Services in Ireland.  We provide support and guidance on implementing the Mental Health Commission Judgement Support Framework.

HCI services for Mental Health include:


Mental Health Services in Ireland are used to support and assist people in a vulnerable position in both in-patient and community settings. These services are also used as a support for family and friends of individuals who have suffered from a mental health illness. High quality Mental Health Services are crucial to maintain the wellbeing of its service users. HCI can assist a Mental Health Organisation in ensuring that their staff and services meet the needs of their users.

Mental Health

HCI provide a range of support services to Mental Health Services, from extensive Research and Development to full Quality and Safety Management System development in line with regulations and the Mental Health Commission Judgement Support Framework.

If your organisation would like to improve the care and support you provide to your patients, please contact us today to talk to one of our Quality and Safety Specialists.