Mental Health

Mental Health

HCI works with Mental Health Organisations to ensure they provide a service that is of the highest quality and is centered around the needs of their service users.

The Sharing the Vision – A Revised Mental Health Policy for Everyone details that each Mental Health Service should have a dedicated patient safety and quality leadership and oversight function. This function should include patient safety elements such as complaints, risk and incident management procedures and quality elements such as standards, clinical effectiveness guidelines, audit and key performance indicators (KPIs).

HCI provide Quality Management System development, implementation and support to Mental Health Services in Ireland that incorporate all elements outlined above.  Our support and guidance provides a framework to meet regulatory requirements such as the Mental Health Act 2001, the Mental Health Commission Judgement Support Framework, HIQA and HSE guidance.

HCI services for Mental Health include:


High quality Mental Health Services are crucial to maintain the wellbeing of its service users. HCI can assist a Mental Health Organisation in ensuring that their staff and services meet the needs of their users. HCI can work with you to develop an overarching Quality and Safety Governance Framework, that meets all regulatory requirements, provides evidence based best practice care and service delivery and drives continuous improvement of services.

Mental Health

HCI's support provides Mental Health Services with a framework to meet National Standards and regulatory requirements, including:

  • Mental Health Act 2001
  • MHC Judgement Support Framework (2020)
  • HSE Mental Health Services (2017). Best Practice Guidance for Mental Health Services.
  • MHC Quality Framework for Mental Services in Ireland (2007)
  • HIQA National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare
  • HIQA and MHC National Standards for Adult Safeguarding (2019)
  • HIQA and MHC National Standards for the Conduct of Reviews of Patient Safety Incidents 2017
  • HSE Open Disclosure Policy (2019)
  • HSE Your Service Your Say (2017)
  • HSE Incident Management Framework (2020)
  • HIQA National Standards for infection prevention and control (IPC) in community services (2018)

If your organisation would like to improve the care and support you provide to your patients, please contact us today to talk to one of our Quality and Safety Specialists.