Incident & Complaint Investigation

Incident & Complaint Investigations and Reviews

Monitoring of incidents to prevent them from happening and reoccurring can be difficult to manage in any healthcare setting as many factors can influence the day to day processes of an organisation.

When incidents to occur it is important to undertake an incident investigation to determine what happened, how it happened, why it happened and whether there are learning points for the service, wider organisation, or nationally.

How can HCI help?

Below are the types of incident reviews and complaint investigations that HCI can undertake for your organisation. Our incident reviews provide a structured analysis, using best practice methods to help you identify, what happened, how it happened, why it happened and what are the learning points.

  • After Action Review
  • Look Back Review
  • Gap Analysis of Patient Safety Incident Management Process
  • Aggregate Review
  • Serious Incident Review
  • Patient Complaint Investigation
  • Covid-19 Lookback Review

Covid-19 Lookback Review

If your organisation has been affected by a Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, you may require a review to identify how and why it happened and any learning points for your service. HCI's review methodology has a service user focus, working to identify shared responsibilities throughout the service and actions that drive a culture of safety within the organisation as they arise from the process.

Support Services

To ensure you have the most robust Incident Management Process, HCI can provide support for:

  • Review of Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Implementation of Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Staff Training and Education
  • Risk Register Development

HCI's Incident & Complaint Investigations and Reviews Methodology:

  • Utilise appropriate legislation, standards and frameworks
  • Document the incident
  • Staff / Patient Interviews
  • Determine the chronology of the incident
  • Identify care delivery problems
  • Identify the contributory factors
  • Preventive actions follow up
  • Governance structure analysis
  • Recommendations and conclusions

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