Conducting Successful Virtual Care Audits

Feb 23, 2021

Introduction Independent audits are an important tool to promote quality improvement in health and social care organisations. They help to identify if a service or a particular department…

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Webinar: Guidance on Complaints Management for Nursing Homes

Feb 18, 2021

Each month HCI hold a complementary webinar for nursing homes hosted by one of our HCI Quality and Safety Specialists. This month’s webinar, presented by Roisin Rouine was…

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Summary of HIQA Inspection Findings in Nursing Homes during June 2020 to September 2020

Jan 14, 2021

Introduction This report by HCI highlights the trends in inspection findings, those being ‘Compliant’ and ‘Not Compliant’ as detailed by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) in…

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Demonstrate your training compliance with Q-Pulse and HCI TrainScan

Dec 9, 2020

Introduction Continuous education and training are essential for all health and social care workers to ensure safe care and efficient practices that comply with policies, procedures and statutory…

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Incorporating Infection Prevention and Control into the Governance Model

Nov 11, 2020

Introduction COVID-19 has been an incredibly challenging time for nursing homes. Although many nursing homes had good functional systems in place, these systems were never really challenged to…

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Enhancing your Infection Prevention and Control Measures

Oct 20, 2020

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to the Nursing Home Sector. Long-Term Residential Care Facilities by nature tend to be congregated settings, where a vulnerable cohort…

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Why choose Q-Pulse Occurrence Reporting and Incident Management System?

Oct 19, 2020

Introduction Is your organisation looking to foster a culture of reporting and learning from incidents? When building a culture of safety, reporting and timely management of incidents is…

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The Benefits of an Independent Infection Prevention and Control Audit

Oct 13, 2020

Introduction Effective Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) practices are regarded as one of the most critical measures to preventing and controlling the transmission of infectious diseases such as…

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Improve your Document Management with Q-Pulse

Oct 6, 2020

Introduction In today’s environment where public health advice, legislation and guidance is constantly evolving and changing, having an electronic system to manage document control, particularly for policies and…

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HCI’s Quality and Safety of Care Assurance Programme supports compliance with the Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI)

Sep 28, 2020

Introduction The Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI), developed by the Royal College of Radiologists and The College of Radiographers, sets out the criteria that defines a quality imaging…

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