HCI provide Quality and Safety Management System (QSMS) development, implementation and support to Telehealth organisations in Ireland, Northern Ireland and United Kingdom (UK).

We work with your organisation to provide patient centred care and improved service.  Our focus is on developing a solution that meets regulatory requirements, reduce risks and improves the care you provide.

We also support Telehealth providers in achieving compliance with the ISO/TS 13131:2021, the International Code of Practice for Telehealth Services 2018/2019, Medical Council guidance, HSE guidance and NHS guidance.

HCI services for Telehealth include:

Although there are many advantageous of using telehealth to deliver healthcare in the patient’s home or community, it is also brings additional risks to the quality of care provided. In addition, over the last year, Telehealth has experienced unprecedented growth and many organisations may not have had the time to develop the robust Quality Management Systems that are necessary to ensure appropriate clinical governance and oversight of services. Implementing a quality management system that incorporates the ISO/TS 13131:2021 guidelines will help you to maintain the high standards of patient care which are fundamental to your service.



HCI can support Telehealth organisations in achieving compliance with the following regulations and guidance, but not limited to:

If your Telehealth organisation would like to improve the care you provide to your patients, please contact us today to talk to one of our Quality and Safety Specialists.