Group and Clinical Governance

Group and Clinical Governance

Good Group and Clinical Governance ensures a systematic approach to quality and patient safety assurance.


Monitoring and control are two of the driving factors that allow an organisation to demonstrate that its systems and processes for assuring healthcare governance are both efficient and effective. Good governance helps to maintain and improve the quality of patient care. It addresses those structures, systems and processes that assure the quality, accountability and proper management of an organisation’s operation and delivery of service.

How can HCI help?

HCI has significant experience in the development of governance systems for healthcare organisations.

HCI can assist your organisation in improving its governance effectiveness by ensuring that the proper organisational structures, from line management to committees and teams, information flow and control processes are put in place.

Good governance and management is critically important when providing any service. Where services have good governance and management, service users enjoy better care and a good quality service that protects and promotes their rights.

Group and Clinical Gov

HCI offer the following services for improved governance:

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