Quality & Risk Audits

Evaluating an organisations performance by conducting regular organisation wide Quality and Risk Audits can be time consuming, and may be difficult for an organisation to remain objective.


To effectively understand how an organisation is operating we must be able to continually evaluate its performance. Hence the requirement to have a clearly defined system to continually monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of all aspects of service delivery.


HCI has the expertise and tools to support and assist organisations in developing practical, useful and effective audit and performance evaluation mechanisms.


To ensure the audit processes are effective, HCI will use the most suitable methods to implement the audit process throughout the organisation whilst ensuring overall governance structures and determine what are the key performance indicators and how to measure them.


HCI can provide an independent evaluation of the quality of care delivered in your organisation.  Quality Audits and Patient Tracers highlight areas of good practice and opportunities for improvement.

Quality and Risk Audits

Examples of Quality and Risk Audits carried out by HCI include:


If you would like a quality and risk audit to assess the quality of care you provide please contact us today.